What to wear

As the sessions are held outside it is really important to dress your child appropriately. Being cold and wet can made a child really miserable and can take any fun out of play.  Insect repellent and sun cream is suggested for the summer. 

In winter, at least 3 layers of clothes should be worn on top. They should wear a warm waterproof coat and waterproof trousers with trousers or leggings underneath, wellies or boots and at least a couple of pairs of socks.

In summer, a long sleeve top (to prevent scratches), a waterproof coat or all-in-one (in case of rain), long trousers (not shorts), wellies or boots, sun hat, sun cream and insect repellent are recommended.

Be mindful that your child/children’s clothes (and possibly yours too) are going to get dirty so it is recommended you/ they don’t wear best clothes. A change of clothes is a good idea too.