Tickets are bought online through the Bookwhen website.


Payment is through the online booking system.

You must pay in advance of the session.

Important information

You need to fill out information about your child/children and details for yourself.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these details are up to date. Please tell Nature & Nurture about any allergies, medical conditions or anything else you think is important  for us to know about you and your child.

Use of photos

Nature & Nurture will only use photos of your child/children on websites or social media if you give consent.

Refunds and cancellations

Cancellations by Nature & Nurture

Forest School sessions may be cancelled when there is lightening or high winds. If this occurs, Nature & Nurture will alert you via text and give you a full refund for that session.

If Nature and Nurture cancels due to  a leader's illness, families will be notified by text and a full refund will be issued.

Cancellations by you

Unfortunately, if you cannot attend a session due to sickness, holiday or other commitments, Nature & Nurture cannot issue a refund. If you fail to attend a session without warning this will be deemed a cancellation and you will forfeit 100% of the session cost.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a session you can swap to another session (weekly term-time session) within a month, subject to availability. Please contact Nature & Nurture to do this.

Alternatively, you could ‘gift’ your place to a friend. Please ensure Nature & Nurture are informed and your friend’s details are emailed to the leader (including the name of parent, child, age, any allergies etc., email address and mobile number) before the session.

There will be no refund for holiday sessions.

Safety on site

At a session it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their child/children at all times. There will be typical outdoor  hazards - trees, branches, tree roots, a pond, rocks, mud, logs and uneven terrain. There will also be gardening equipment like hoses, watering cans and wheel barrows which could be a potential hazard. Activities may include using tools, fire lighting, campfire cooking, playing in mud, making shelters/dens, running, climbing, jumping, kneeling and sitting. Parents take responsibility for children's actions.

Please be aware that there may be a small amount of litter on the site. Please alert the leader, who will dispose of it safely.

Nature & Nurture inspects the site before each session and a risk assessment plan will be in place for the site and each activity undertaken.

Respecting nature

Part of the Forest School philosophy is to “leave no trace”. This means we don’t leave litter and the area is left clean to avoid damage to the site, plants, and natural habitats.


There will be hand washing facilities on site. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure your child’s hands are washed before eating and drinking.

Your data

This information will be used to inform planning and to create a register for each session. Consenting to these terms means Nature & Nurture will continue to hold your name and email address to enable us to contact you about any upcoming events.

Nature & Nurture will not share your data with third parties (other than storing the above data in Google email).

Nature & Nurture will take reasonable steps, for example by never accessing details on a publicly accessible device, to ensure your personal data is kept secure.

You can ask Nature & Nurture to delete your information at any time in the future.